Project Mysterious: A stranger among Strangers

The Best Collabo I have done….

And more than anything, educational for me! Experiencing the writing of other creatives collaborating via social media from all over the world to write one story! It was truly an incredible experience for me!


An international collabo with bloggers and/or writers all over the world. More like a writers
movement to showcase talent and intelligence to encourage more people to read and write. It
will also bring attention to writers and their creativity worldwide and their ability to work with
other writers. All writers will be acknowledged, and their work will be theirs. The work will be
published on my blog, and writers can carry their work onto their own blogs and websites as well,
however bloggers are not allowed to take their co-writer’s work without their approval and the
approal of Mysterious. The writer will only get 100-200 words to write what they would want to
write about the topic, then the next writer will carry the story from there using their creativity, until
of course the story reaches an ending.

The first topic for this project:

Title: A Stranger Among Strangers
The topic in detail:
A group of people who only know each other from social media create an entire existence of a
new person they all contributed to create (online). They decided to each get a week to be that
person till the year end. The group continued to grow in numbers uncontrollably worldwide until
things got really out of hand!
The story can take any twist or turn, just as long as the topic is still the main thing. Be Creative!!
But you only get 2 days to submit your work!

Please download the work (as images, unfortunately I couldn’t upload as pdf, but I tried to make everything look as professional as possible), comment or even write your own story about the topic. Another project will be out soon, and I will leave details for writers wanting to get involved! Please enjoy! And for everyone who was involved, thank you for amazing participation!

Feel free to check the writer’s out on:

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